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Permission Marketing has Arrived – CASL Canada

PPR strongly believes that our clients must take a closer look at privacy and social media, to protect their reputations. Email risks and per email charges are on the rise. The CASL change will effect Canadian businesses, organizations, non-profits and government. It’s about obtaining permission. Here’s a link to a good podcast.      

The WordPress Question: Themes

Select from the Best Skinning themes on content management systems has been one of largest services growing in the new media ICT space over the last 25 years. Themes are pretty much the sum of content management systems of different type: mailchimp, Twitter, Facebook, Aweber, Drupal and Salesforce have to be part of this discussion about digital…

Big Data Skydive

Social Media Management Social media marketing is something that thousands, if not millions of people are doing full time right now. This is no cottage industry. Enterprise level teams orchestrate social media for brands, corporations, non-profits, government and academic institutions and many more. The fact is the situation has arrived where the miss match between…