Friday Thought Bite

Open thinking about a multi-screen world and new technologies, and the impact this will on PR & Business Development.


Permission Marketing has Arrived – CASL Canada

PPR strongly believes that our clients must take a closer look at privacy and social media, to protect their reputations. Email risks and per email charges are on the rise. The CASL change will effect Canadian businesses, organizations, non-profits and government. It’s about obtaining permission. Here’s a link to a good podcast.      

What’s your semantic keyword?

Google Analytics continues to improve and expand its range of offerings for web and social marketers looking to build on a must-have service from one of the world’s largest technology providers. Let’s look at the simple way in which you can take advantage of semantic web thinking to leverage your digital collateral and grow your…

Google Offers Glass Explorers An Invite To Make A Friend A Glasshole, Too

Google Neologism New terms come into language from time to time. TechCrunch nails the first tier of Google Glass slang, the patois or colloquialism of living in a networked society where mobile gadgets and social platforms underlie the digital experience. Terms like these will surely come more and more ‘to-mind’ in daily conversation, news and…