Emotional Intelligence in Marketing

The amount of information marketing professionals have at their disposal is unprecedented. These days, we can discover almost every aspect of a consumer’s lifestyle and buying habits, and use this information to influence their purchasing decisions. With this wealth of information for sales and marketing, marketers should be able to form deep connections with potential customers with ease, right?

Unfortunately, in many cases creating strong relationships is difficult. Despite having incredibly detailed information on their prospective buyers, many brands fail to connect with consumers. In fact, only one in three consumers believe their favourite brands truly understands them and only 35% think the emails or messages they receive are providing relevant and useful content.

So where does the disconnect arise? Why are brands failing to understand their audience with all the data about customer behaviour, the marketing funnel, and demographic segmentation? One of the most obvious reasons is that brands neglect to understand the power of Emotional Intelligence (EI). In this article, we flesh out three compelling reasons, showing the how and why sales and marketing often miss the mark, forgetting a fundamental aspect of messaging that provides greater impact, resonance, and meaning.


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