No AppleWatch for Me, Waiting for the 2nd Gen. Moto360


In a great post, today by Mike Vardy entitled Why I’m not Getting an Apple Watch the value of writing about the Apple Watch floated to the top of my mind. First, there’s no way I’d get the first version of any product. Add to that the less-than-glowing reviews of the Apple Watch that have come out this week in the New York Times and Mashable.

Aside from the cultural facts that make Apple products newsworthy, even perhaps when they shouldn’t be, the main point of Vardy’s article about workflow is the jumping off point for me. Whereas Vardy says the Apple watch wouldn’t enhance his workflow, I’m certain having an Android Wearable would improve my workflow.


I use two-step authentication, with Google Authenticator.  Frequently. The app sits on my phone, and I perform the task of signing in at least five times a day. As such, having a smartwatch would lessen the time it takes to find my smartphone. With a smartwatch, I could use two-step authentication on my wrist.

I’ve already seen the great reviews about the Google Authenticator App for Wearables. The thing is, while I agree with Vardy that more notifications won’t be of value for focus and productivity, their function is not to be dismissed. And the new version of Motorola’s flagship smart watch, codenamed ‘Smelt’ has people talking.

Even though there are a number of new smart watches coming to market, displayed at the recent Baselworld luxury timepiece event, the reason I’m focusing on the Moto360 is about price and purpose. It’s lower cost than the Apple Watch and other’s like the Huawei. Also, it doesn’t require a data plan by itself, which is a huge decision-making factor. I’m a data hungry CEO.

So while I’m not rushing out to get a smart watch, I’ll be getting one in the coming months to enhance my workflow.


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