Canadian Internet Marketing Conference Top 5 Take-Aways

The Canadian Internet Marketing Conference holds value for marketers today, who must nimbly manage the bridge between traditional and digital communications tactics. And while new media remains fresh with wearables and the internet of things, the new media are indeed not so new. In fact, social media marketing has matured to the point where a conference like #CIMC2015 can offer enough depth for a wide range of attendees. I met agency reps, account directors, and small business owners.

The chance to network and learn from Canadians is unique. The technology sector growth across Canada, in Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto and Montreal is taking off. According to @Invest_Canada, Canada’s technology sector contributed $69.7 billion to GDP as of 2013. Apart from the valuation of the tech community in Canada, there are few events that bring a broad audience together under the same roof.

Canadian Marketers Networking

The overall sense I got from the conference is that a deep change is still happening inside marketing departments and in the customer space. The transformation towards collaboration, brand positioning with media and leveraging specific communication channels has been going on for well over half-a-century. But it is perhaps the movement towards digital conversions that is moving the ball faster. Regardless, clients are learning more about digital and expectations are changing rapidly. With that in mind, let’s review the major points.

Top 5 Take-Aways

1. Big data tells the story of transformation in the marketing arena.

2. Put a dollar value on digital conversion metrics for your business.

3. Open up to customer insights and let them guide the development of your voice on social channels.

4. Responsive websites are no longer optional.

5. If in doubt about ROI, show clients the data.

Events targeted at digital marketers are growing at a rapid pace. There are however relatively few events aimed at Canadian firms and businesses. For this reason, while there’s still a number of great reasons to attend SXSW, F8, SMMW15 and Mobile World Congress, it’s worthwhile for me to put CIMC2016 on my calendar for next year. See you there.

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