Best Standards and Guidelines Their Value


Public Relations + Engagement 

In this age of information, thought leadership is not a quaint idea. The information you want is out there. Why are you here? Why are your customers? Headlines get clicked all the time. You know that. Best standards and guidelines are business processes that illustrate the level of knowledge humanity has reached in the 21st century. As a consequence you know of recognizing the power of the internet and mobile, this post is constructed as an introduction to a series. But I digress. The best standards and guidelines concept is a large one. For the purposes of clarification, the area of this post’s interest is deeply embedded in the matter of recently published standards and guidelines in the areas of public relations, engagement, participation and social business model design. Overall, there are three worthwhile documents to draw your attention to :

The AMEC Barcelona Principles & the IAP2 Spectrum of Public Engagement & The Value Proposition Design Book

Enhance the Context of Digital 

Conducting best standard reviews internally and externally is a key component of reputation management and maintaining competitive advantage. The soaring number of touchpoints between hardware, information and the way public and private ideas are shared in the marketplace. This multi-layered aspect of the information society reflects and illustrates something else, also. The further reason why best practice standards matter, is that technology more often than not represents the back-office. And this is where crucially important business decisions are being made. Think of having a spotlight there. I think effective policies, strategies and tactics help tell your brand message and put it out there in the best way. Looking around, the vast fortunes being made and the venture cap funding being offered in the tech sector matches beautifully with the increasing popularity of diverse local, regional and international expressions of these interests. Incubators, accelerators and labs of all kinds are using best practices to reach their targets.

Coda: Talking about applied ideas encourages a conversation to extend and better leverage a shared language. So, what are YOUR ideas?


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