Friday Thought Bite


The science of social media marketing and public relations in the time we are in now – with the explosive growth of mobile – is something to sit down and think about, don’t you think?

There are many new technologies on board that are pushing the boundaries of screens as we know and have known them. Wearable technology, Google Glass, the potential of Occulus Rift, each of these technologies and more ( NFC, Bluetooth ) together point to an arena in which smart marketers not only need to comprehensively recognize technologies both hard (mobile/tablet/desktop) and soft (chrome/firefox/safari), but also certain touchpoints that align subtle demographic variables (affinity segments/keywords/values) with the best usability and experience branding to ensure an end-to-end marketing funnel that keeps customers happy, engaged and loyal.

It’s much more complex than good SEO. The approach to the omni-channel requires organizational change. As part of this, in the enterprise space, the CMO must become better friends with the CIO. Further, in the C-suite, more responsibility must be taken for wise measurement, ideation, prototyping and pivoting.

When the value of a business, and the reputation of a brand can change with a CEO’s soundbite and go viral in the twittersphere, listening and preparing crisis plans are highly valuable. 

This thought-bite grows out of recent work and bootstrapping a PR agency. Finally, a good book that goes along with what’s written here is the book the Age of Context, by Robert Scoble & Shel Israel.


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