More on Business Models and Business Architecture


A good discussion about the language around business model design, and wether or not the method is good or bad for strategy. Jump to the article to view the comment we left.

Ashridge on Operating Models

I thought it would be helpful to add some of the further comment from the LinkedIn thread on diagrams for operating models. This is for those interested in the issue of language.  See the first blog on this.

In the LinkedIn discussion I upgraded my summary of what we are talking about in response to some challenge from a participant called JD.  The summary was my attempt to be jargon free!

I think everyone is talking about the same stuff:

* you have a strategy that focuses you on certain products and markets and channels and pricing and value proposition(s);

* to deliver this strategy you need capabilities (bit of a jargon word);

* the capabilities involve processes, people, technology, information, locations, buildings, machinery, working capital, brands, suppliers, etc;

* many of the above elements need organising further. So processes need to be organised into a hierarchy or…

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