It’s time to make civic engagement sexy again


good ideas for civic engagement

Richard Pietro doesn’t work in government or media. He’s not a millionaire investor in new technologies or a lobbyist in the halls of power. He waits tables at a Swiss Chalet.

Richard wants to change the way we interact with our government.

Rob Ford crack and bigotry scandals aside, our federal, provincial and municipal governments have never felt so disconnected from the day-to-day realities of the average citizen. Voter turnout is falling off a cliff for all but the most contentious votes.

But if it became cool to be involved in local issues again, maybe that’s ready to change.

“Civic Engagement is currently viewed by most Canadians as voting once every four years or attending community meetings in dusty church basements,” Pietro said.

But new technology that has introduced the terms “open government” and “open data” to modern language has fundamentally changed the game. Open data refers to the default…

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