The WordPress Question: Themes

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Skinning themes on content management systems has been one of largest services growing in the new media ICT space over the last 25 years. Themes are pretty much the sum of content management systems of different type: mailchimp, Twitter, Facebook, Aweber, Drupal and Salesforce have to be part of this discussion about digital marketing. This post explores a brief question asked by people commonly, like so “I want to use WordPress but I don’t know where to start.”  Here are what we hope are some useful answers. 

Keywords are your Bullseye 

Free and Premium WordPress themes offer different things for different people. On the other hand, getting your business online must respond closely to the needs and expectations of user audiences. Based on your budget you can reliably expect to get what you pay for. At a start, with cheap domain names and hosting packages people are moving perhaps too fast out of the gate. That said, mobile and last-mile marketing is only going to grow over the next decade. Looking at responsive, mobile and efficient digital properties is a good idea. But what do you think?

As the world’s 5th most trafficked social network, WordPress is a smart choice for VIPs. 

Engineer Mobile Internet Experiences 

WordPress surpasses other content systems by offering the ability to leverage existing large scale social networks for content marketing, distribution and aggregation. In addition to the idea of a being an author, expert, organization or enterprise the fact is the cluetrain arrived a decade ago. Social, mobile and last-mile has arrived.

The internet has disrupted the way we do business, live our lives and interact with goods, goverment and services. In other words, the high level perspective about social media culture and the impact this has had on enterprises, complements a low level resolution what you see out there on the web. Follow the blog for more tips and tricks on digital and interactive advertising.

Cloud Reputation Management

Retain an edge, efficiently manage your social presence. WordPress can help you achieve social ROI quickly. We live in an age of explosive expression and customers are online. Convenient systems with a low learning curve for new users is sticky. Make a good first impression, keep ’em coming back. Be reliable, authentic and discoverable. Your expression is what matters.

Photonic PR 




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