Google’s secret Android TV set-top box may finally make an appearance


Disruptive technologies are about business models, market values and scale.

Google’s pricing strategy is worth watching out for.


Google (S GOOG) is working on yet another TV product dubbed Android TV, the Verge reported Saturday. Android TV will consist of a much simpler interface than its predecessor Google TV, and screenshots shown by the Verge actually bear a striking resemblance to Amazon’s (s AMZN) new Fire TV, which the online retailer launched this week.

Google has been cooperating with third-party developers to bring apps for services like Netflix, (s NFLX) Hulu Plus, Pandora (s P) and Vevo to the platform, but apparently also plans to support an extended list of Google services, including most notably Hangouts, which suggests that an Android TV product may include a camera for video chats in the living room. Also included is extended support for Android-based games.


It’s been an open secret in the industry that Google has been working on a more defined set-top box experience ever since Google TV failed…

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