January MOOC Blues

This is personal story about taking a free course, and then putting the brakes on after the first couple of weeks. The train left the station, or rather I withdrew earlier today. For me right know there are really too many spheres being juggled keeping me from learning and getting work done with teammates in the course. Really, the blues are more about being a team leader, leaving early. But that’s not like a captain leaving a sinking ship, no. Not at all. Don’t think that for a second. Anyway, there it is, screenshot below is from the first mook course I have ever taken.



It was kind of a funny feeling seeing that a group that I started wasn’t going to be lead by me an longer. Let it go. Just let it go. Anyway, the experience was teachable in that the picture above is kind of freaking hilarious if you ask me. It was a Moocfail moment. Usability is a big part of what makes websites, and web experiences positive. NovoEd is an innovative and interesting platform. Let’s leave at that. As far as helping me recognize the power of free and paid-for MOOCs, massive open online courses, I can say, yeah, I’ve learned something.

With digital learning day just 7 days away, the benefit of MOOCs is clear. For me, moving forward I guess the goal is to keep on learning.


Here’s a video about Digital Learning Day, putting the focus on education in the elementary school system in the US.



Follow #DLDay14 to help trend the idea for local PACs across the continental United States and Canada 


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