Radio Search Engine turns the world’s radio stations into a music jukebox


I’ll be sure to try out this new radio toy, you?


This is cool: Radio Search Engine, a new site launched out of beta this week by serial entrepreneur Michael Robertson, turns tens of thousands of radio stations into an easily searchable music jukebox.

Let’s say you want to listen to Royals from Lorde. Just search for the song, and Radio Search Engine will show you a dozen or so radio stations from all around the world that are playing it right now, ready for you to tune in. The site also offers a list of Top 20 Adult Contemporary songs, which start playing with a single click.

radio search engine

Once you start to play a song, the site starts to assemble a playlist of similar songs — kind of like Pandora (S P) if you will, but with the differences that these songs are playing in real time on different radio stations. Here’s how Robertson described the technology that’s working in…

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