PCH International Acquires ShopLocket To “Close The Loop” For Hardware Startups


Are E-commerce startups looking to be the most popular for venture cap in the new year? Mobile commerce is one of our core interests.


Toronto-based startup ShopLocket, an e-commerce platform originally designed to let anyone sell anything from a single item to a line of goods quickly and easily via their existing presence on the web, has been acquired by an unusual suitor: PCH International, the company founded by Irish entrepreneur Liam Casey that has made its name operating as the go-between for major electronics brands and their Asian supply partners and manufacturers.

The exact terms of the deal, under which ShopLocket will continue to operate under as a sub-brand, are undisclosed. “It’s a good deal,” said Casey. “Everyone’s really happy.”

The match seems odd at first, but makes sense in light of recent developments at both companies: ShopLocket, run by TC Hardware Battlefield judge Katherine Hague, recently launched its own pre-order sales platform to help hardware startups capitalize on the inertia generated by crowdfunding campaigns, before they reach the stage…

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