Five Ways COMM270 Students Were Introduced to Public Relations


This is a great post, and blog more generally, on Public Relations – from an academic perspective, nonetheless worthwhile.

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1. What is right or wrong? Students in COMM270 got to explore the issue of ethics in public relations through a visit from Jeffrey Halik, a senior account supervisor at Roberts Communications. Halik discussed his many ethical dilemmas he faced while working for a variety of companies throughout his career. Additionally, Professor Reinson added insight on his own experiences. Students were able to put themselves in the shoes of modern-day public relations practitioners and make their own ethical decisions.

Jeffrey Halik, COMM270 guest speaker

Additionally, students were able to watch an intriguing film called The Corporationthat discussed the rise of corporations and their ethical struggles in the media. This film made students aware of the ethical dilemmas that public relations practitioners face while working in these corporations every day. Additionally, the film made students think about how ethical the profession of public relations really is.

Watch this…

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