JustFab’s Checkout Tactics Are JustShady


Payment gateways are becoming more popular for hackers as online payments become a social norm.


This Hacker News complaint about JustFab scamming a user’s girlfriend — which gets resubmitted whenever JustFab raises money — is a little off, because JustFab is not a scam in the traditional sense.

The company is, however, abusing a tricky UI, loaded with dark pattern design gimmicks like forced continuity and sneak into basket — all in the name of getting customers to sign up for a JustFab VIP membership they may not have wanted.

Used at least lightly by many e-commerce sites, dark patterns are ways web designers use the irrationality and laziness of any given human in order to increase the bottom line. Many argue that they’re unethical. In fact, the EU has passed a mandate that its countries push through laws protecting consumers from misleading subscription interfaces, which Germany was the first to enact.

It’s pretty damning that the JustFab checkout looks like this in Germany.

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 6.26.07 PMAnd

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