All Hail the Algorithms


Insight on what makes advertising on Google and Facebook’s networks worthwhile, via the algorithm angle.

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After reading several articles about the differences and similarities of Facebook and Google+, I’ve come to one conclusion; it’s all about the algorithms. Whether it’s Facebook’s EdgeRank or Google+’s Your World, there is clear mathematical substance behind all of the “sharing,” “liking,” “+1-ing,” and “commenting” getting view time on these social platforms.

So what does it all mean and what exactly are these algorithms we keep hearing about? Shall we take a look?


Let’s start with Facebook and their EdgeRank. Facebook uses the EdgeaRank algorithm to determine what is displayed on your News Feed and how high up in your feed that content is placed. Essentially, the algorithm is the sum of the Edges. But wait, what is an Edge?! An Edge is basically everything and anything that happens on Facebook; a status update, a comment, a share, a like, etc. Each Edge contains Affinity, Weight, and Time Decay. Affinity

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