What’s your semantic keyword?

Google Analytics continues to improve and expand its range of offerings for web and social marketers looking to build on a must-have service from one of the world’s largest technology providers.

Let’s look at the simple way in which you can take advantage of semantic web thinking to leverage your digital collateral and grow your business.

Tactically, the first step is identifying your own keywords, the search terms that matter to you and your tribe. Strategically speaking, many people who work with the web and in marketing, IT and communications already have access to free Google Analytics and Google Webmaster accounts.

A key component of Google’s Business Model , we’ll be reporting on the growing competition in the digital ad display market. It is interesting to watch the push towards Ad Sense and Google Ventures and Investment. Altogether we hope to promote greater awareness of the importance of mobile, local and social advertising.

As an aside, semantic web thinking is something hard to explain to most except for those already involved in content marketing and social advertising. For these professionals, the benefit of ad spend through Google, on a search engine where %74.3 of the North American market are day-to-day, the value of knowing your high value keywords is obvious.

The best way of thinking about the semantic web is about thinking about both how you use, and how your customer, or clients find your business or brand within search engines.


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