Now Is The Time For All Good Nerds To Come To The Aid Of The Internet


The privacy of what you do and say on the internet is a central issue due to the NSA announcement. This post sums up why all should take action sooner than later.


The Internet is broken. It is burning. Facebook and Twitter fiddle while it smokes and we, the sapped members of the Internet class, watch the flames and wonder what’s next. Say what you want about the politics of whistleblowing or the tendency of the exhausted sysadmins to finallygive up, now is the time to fix this before all we hold dear – the freedom that NSA snooping was ostensibly designed to protect – is gone.

Ignore this moment at your peril. To be clear, what the NSA is doing is far from technologically advanced. It is simple signals intelligence. It is grep writ large. However, the degree to which it has ensconced itself into the fabric of the Internet is breathtaking and the nonchalance and ignorance of the government officials involved is stunning. Now is the time for the nerds – and I mean this with all…

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