Google Launches City Experts Program To Encourage Higher Quality Google+ Local Reviews


Google creates a more culturally-minded brand experience with a new program aimed at creating national brand ambassadors. Business take note, Google Local is even more necessary if you want to perform well in search, and meet the expectations of the modern mobile search audience that showrooms 24-7. A local brand’s Google review is what makes up an increasingly larger part reputation.


Google has quietly launched a new program called Google City Experts to encourage more high-quality local business ratings and reviews on Google+. The program is currently limited to select cities in the U.S., U.K., Australia, and Japan, and will reward users who have left at least 50 reviews to date, and who produce at least five new reviews each month.

Those who meet these guidelines will be provided with perks, like exclusive access to local events, “custom swag” (meaning free, Google-branded items), and “special online recognition.” Participants will also receive monthly newsletters including a variety of offers, plus be alerted to local contests and events they can get involved in, a company representative explains.

In addition, we’re told that Google City Experts will be invited to an exclusive Google+ Community, where they can meet other nearby Experts to discuss tips and tricks for using Google+ Local and Google Maps.

The 50…

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