Digital Business Intelligence

Telecommunications Technology

It’s not hard to understand why digital businesses are popular these days. This post is meant to be lighthearted and informational. Underlying the technology that enables the mobile marketplace: fiber optics, telemetry stations, routers and lasers. These technologies and hardware are around us all the time.

Much of the conversation about digital business intelligence tends to drill down into topics on a granular level: content, celebrity, sensational conversations. Here at Photonic Culture, our aim is to help you change the frame about the experience of using social media to speak with consumers on behalf of brands. In other words, our goal is to use  plain language to get at the polyvalent meanings given to our networked global information society.

Photonics is a form of physics dealing with the interaction of light and information processing. Photonics underpins life in the fast-lane and all modern telecommunications. This may sound futuristic, or maybe not if you’re a fan of Science Fiction, or a techno-cultural analyst like me. At any rate, there you have it. Image


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