Google Rolls Out New “Views” Site For Geotagging And Sharing Your Android Photo Spheres

This is an incredible new offering for the Android marketplace. Both from the digital marketing angle that will likely take shape ( #SoLoMo ), and the fact that pictures and video are the leading type of content on the web at this point in time.


If you’ve got an Android device running version 4.2 or later, chances are you’ve tried capturing a photo sphere — one of those nifty little 360-degree panoramas that let you spin around to capture your surroundings until vertigo sets in. Instead of just letting those photo spheres languish on your phone or on your Google+ account, though, Google has thought up something awfully keen for them.

You know what I’m getting at (the headline was probably hint enough). Google has fired up a new Views page that lets users tie their photo spheres to specific locations for when static maps and satellite fly-bys just aren’t immersive enough.

The process is simple enough: once you’re logged in to Google+ and mosey over to the Views page, you’re given the option to import all of the photo spheres stored in your Google+ account. Haven’t uploaded them to Google+ yet? That’s fair —…

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