Google Offers Glass Explorers An Invite To Make A Friend A Glasshole, Too

Google Neologism

New terms come into language from time to time. TechCrunch nails the first tier of Google Glass slang, the patois or colloquialism of living in a networked society where mobile gadgets and social platforms underlie the digital experience. Terms like these will surely come more and more ‘to-mind’ in daily conversation, news and media as time moves ever forward.


Google is bringing more Glass Explorers into the program, and it’s doing that the best way it knows how: by letting current users invite a friend. Those among you old enough to remember when Gmail first started will remember this was once the only method to get on board with that service, and now Glass-owning folks can ask a single friend to join them in testing out Glass before its wide consumer release.

Current Glass members are getting emails from Google detailing how they can bring someone new on board, as Zagg’s community blog notes tonight. Explorers invited via this extension to the original program, which Google seeded via invites sent out to lucky winners selected from a Twitter hashtag-based competition, must be U.S. residents, 18 or older, and able to pick up Glass in person in SF, NYC or LA. Google likes to welcome new Glass users in…

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