Schumpterian Times

Books about communications tend to focus on the disruptive implications of new technologies over the last two centuries. These changes in media – the printing press, the radio, the telephone, television, the internet, and more – these are hard to predict but easy to look back on and examine. The curious thing as I see it is the way in which some ideas help us look back at our history and how others help cast forward into the future.

What stands out are ideas that last over time. There are many ideas that become more surprising over time, to be sure. There are those that remain unsolved. However, this isn’t a post about string theory or the cure for cancer. This is a post about the concept of service innovation, the underlying cause of a disruptive or Schumpterian innovation. From the standpoint of business development and contemporary social brand engagement the importance of disruptive innovations is unassailable. The amount of design collateral with events that are disruptive in nature is nothing new.


The 8 most disruptive events of 2012



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