Why Photonic Culture?

The previous name of this blog was Nuage Culture, as you may or may not have noticed. The reason for the original name was that the french word for cloud, nuage, provided a neat play on words metaphor for the networked society we live in today. Additionally, nuage is a word you say in two syllablles that may trigger the idiom ‘new-age‘. At least that was the hope. The name of the blog has changed to Photonic Culture for the reasons described below.

The concept that we live in a networked society is no longer a new idea. I don’t think the previous play-on-words blog title really got the proper message across to you readers. In that same light, Photonic Culture encapsulates a similar but different aim: to advance more concrete concepts about living in a networked society, and talking about the changes arising from the age of social media and broad mobile gadget ownership. In other words this blog represents an effort to generate interest in the confluence of technology, culture and community. Putting the technology underlying the global internet out there just seems fitting.

Photonics is the field of laser optics wherein, simply speaking, applications are being developed to enable faster encoding of information through light. Fiber optics is the most obvious example of photonics. However, fiber optics is out of sight and out of mind for everyone but those in the Telecommuncations sector. This blog will undoubtedly touch on photonics from time to time. But that’s not the main purpose.

Through my work as a strategic social marketing consultant with social strategy and digital business I’ll be reflecting on software, platforms and infrastructures for public relations, professional communication and public engagement. This is because this is what I use these tools for. I am fan of the idea that you can only speak about what you really know. And I know about the social technology, and the impact these technologies have had on public relations, crisis management, risk mitigation and strategic planning.

I’ll also be talking about meaning. Whoa you might say. You’ll be talking about meaning, what DOES that mean? Take a look at the blog tagline: technology, culture and community. The convergence of technology, behavior and cultural production fascinates me. It drives my interest in writing about the relationship between not only inbound and outbound marketing tactics with communications and branding strategies. I’m a bit more interested in teasing out the meaning generated in the exchange between brand narratives and audiences. I’m the author of a Manifesto on Cultural Insight. I will make an effort on this blog to explore cultural concepts that are little known but high value, such as: the cultural intermediary, cultural circuits, the habitus, cultural branding, the chief culture officer, embedding social innovation in organizations…

Stay tuned! Get in touch if you’d like to talk about strategic marketing, social strategy or business development.


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