Big Data Skydive

Social Media Management

Social media marketing is something that thousands, if not millions of people are doing full time right now. This is no cottage industry. Enterprise level teams orchestrate social media for brands, corporations, non-profits, government and academic institutions and many more. The fact is the situation has arrived where the miss match between consumer expectations and brand accessibility can no longer be laughed off as a project for next year.

What follows is a concise breakdown of SaaS offerings, organized by their function:

Reputation Tracking

What is being said about your brand, your professional name, a person’s name personally in the context of youth, crime or disaster. Each of these context can be tracked and measured by the social search.

Social media Monitoring

You need to know what’s being said. Content is king thus good content is high cost. Manage your profile and the particular conversations that interest you or your brand.

Social Media Automation

There are some tools that provide part of the picture and other that are more comprehensive. Do you want nimble or piecemeall integration?


Mentioning is a small but vital component of effective social implementation.

Demographic Segmentation

Messages are more effective when they appeal to your audience.

Granular Targeting

Beyond appeal, leveraging interests and serving appropriate display ads is vital in the social graph marketplace.


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