Presenting via video: Five questions for public-speaking expert Matt Abrahams

I just facilitated a business model generation canvas brainstorming session remotely with Skype. I have to say, not having a 1 TB connection hampered things a bit. I also did not have Premium. I was told by Skype Sales that Premium does nothing to improve your connection speed. This isn’t mentioned in the article, it’s in another post I’ll reblog following this one. The tips here are some that I used myself, because they touch on the human side of presenting with Skype. Good to keep in your bookmarks if you use Skype for business in any way.

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Matt Abrahams Head Shot

When it comes to public speaking today, more and more people are finding that you don’t have to be there, to be there.

Professionals are opting to deliver that conference keynote in Cannes or the presentation in Perth via video rather than in person. Many of you tell us about using Skype video calling this way, both to save time and money, and to provide access to audiences you might not reach otherwise. Meeting in Moscow? Tokyo? Mumbai? While in the past you may have had to turn those opportunities down, presenting there today is as easy as logging in to Skype.

We recently chatted with public-speaking expert Matt Abrahams, a lecturer at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

1. What are the biggest benefits and challenges of giving a talk or presentation over video versus in person?

The biggest benefit is that you can reach a broad audience cost-effectively and…

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