On Graph Computing

Crucial for understanding how internet platforms operate. In other words, graph processing and graph computing is a good place to start if you’re looking to explore the technology underpinning social media and the human-computer relationship. I write about social technology, culture and society. This is rather technical article, at the least it offers a smart way of visualizing the impact of big data flows. Key concept: spheres of influence.

Marko A. Rodriguez

The concept of a graph has been around since the dawn of mechanical computing and for many decades prior in the domain of pure mathematics. Due in large part to this golden age of databases, graphs are becoming increasingly popular in software engineering. Graph databases provide a way to persist and process graph data. However, the graph database is not the only way in which graphs can be stored and analyzed. Graph computing has a history prior to the use of graph databases and has a future that is not necessarily entangled with typical database concerns. There are numerous graph technologies that each have their respective benefits and drawbacks. Leveraging the right technology at the right time is required for effective graph computing.

Structure: Modeling Real-World Scenarios with Graphs

A graph (or network) is a data structure. It is composed of vertices (dots) and edges (lines). Many real-world scenarios…

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