Moxie Software Offers Freemium Service, Integrating Collaboration Spaces With Social Knowledge Engine


I hope to be able to share posts like this more often. Freemium services are worth watching – social technology – SD thinking.


Moxie Software has announced a new freemium service that integrates its collaboration service with its social knowledge engine. Under the new plan, Collaboration Spaces is now free for anyone to use with no limits on users and full features that come with the SaaS offering.

The social knowledge engine integration is offered as a premium service that can be integrated with Collaboration Spaces. The cost of the premium social knowledge engine is based upon the number of users on the plan.

Moxie’s model is based on the premise that general collaboration has only limited value. It’s good for sharing information, but the real context comes when business processes and analytics integrate into users’ workflows. The social knowledge engine is designed to give answers to questions. With the new premium service, answers that surface in Collaboration Spaces become part of the social knowledge engine and are fed back so actions can be…

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