World Social Marketing Conference Toronto #WSMC




I’m here for the World Social Marketing Conference in Toronto. The Westin Harbour Castle is packed for this international event. I’ve met several out of country delegates already from Thailand who are working within the fields of public, early development and mental health. Health Promotion does make up for one of the largest discourses in the social marketing field. However that’s not all.

The combination of professional communications fields speaking here at the conference will dig down into the way that several approaches must come together for effectively creating and maintaining behavior change.

Social marketing advances campaigns and interventions to mitigate a wide variety of public interests. The most popular example of social marketing are the campagins of the last quarter decade that have helped to reduce tobacco use. I’m hoping to share other examples to raise awareness about the benefit of this unique communications field.

Before the conference gets started I’m very interested in seeing how the following issues will be promoted and explored:

  • Mobile, Local and Social channels; separate or combined (#SoLoMo)?
  • Social Media Policies
  • Business Model Strategies
  • Tactics from the following Orgs: IAP2, CPRS & IABC
  • Design Thinking
  • Open Government, Public Opinion around Trust, Public Disclosure

I will be posting my thoughts about the seminars and ideas here an the blog and elsewhere around the social web. You can follow the discussion about the conference with the following hashtag #wsmc. If you are at the conference and reading this I look forward to meeting you IRL. 




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