Client Side Web Framework hosted in Google Drive


The title of the post frames the power of Google Drive in detailed, engineering terms. It’s worth reading to gain an understanding of Google Drive for collaborative software design.

I’ve reblogged the post on the one hand because I’m an advocate of local, social and mobile marketing and communications. On the other hand, in my own professional life I’m frequently advising clients to use Google Drive over and over for the following broad reasons: Google Drive is simple, robust and highly accessible.

Most, if not all modern browsers support Google Drive. Following that, most proprietary software for managing data is interchangeable with the word processing and number crunching power built into the G-Drive suite of applications and third-party services. You can upload files, convert on the go, and create easily. The power of sharing files both for public and private collaboration is essential for good project management, and compared to the raft of private SaaS services which offer this a paid feature, the benefit of this currently open-source cloud based software is worth evaluating.

BlueToque Consulting

I’m a software developer designing a desktop application that is quite complex, and I was searching for a way to provide documentation for the system. I wanted the documentation to have the following features.

  1. It could be deployed with the software
  2. Works offline
  3. It could be deployed on the web
  4. It is easily editable
  5. It could be transformed into other formats

The Process

Since the application I am writing already required a web browser to be built in, I decided that the documentation should probably be deployed as HTML. I decided against straight text because it was necessary for some formatting and image embedding. I also decided against Rich Text, although it was an option, because this is definitely not a portable format.

So I looked for some basic HTML boilerplate code and lo and behold…

HTML5 Boilerplate & Initializr

A group of very smart people had discovered that they…

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