Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday

I’ve been developing a digital project for a summer initiative that has just launched its IndieGogo campaign in the last 24 hours. You can find a link on IGG here.

Since it’s a documentary pilgrimage, there’s nothing more to add except to share the video.

It would be great if you checked it out could share the campaign  with your friends, peeps and crew. If you like documentary film making, please think about supporting the project.

Twitter Timecapsule

Watch-Out for Slow WordPress Themes

This brings me to my comment about slow wordpress themes. Without mentioning the theme in question I’ve learned a valuable lesson worth repeating to the interwebs. When you are looking at themes, even after making purchases from reputable theme platforms, do your research. Forums are the best place to review theme issues. On the asset management side though, when you download the package and unzip, if you see an overly complicated theme structure there’s a red flag. When the theme further gives you lossy shortcodes in posts, and memory problems that others users have reported, without a fast theme update you can be certain the theme you have is a lemon.

WordPress Brute-Force Attacks:

Onto the issue of site security: I manage WordPress sites. It’s worth remembering this week as being one of the most significant in terms of a coordinated series of brute-force attacks on self-hosted WordPress blogs. Here are some tweets that I’ve received and shared about the brute-force attacks:

Civility in the Local, Social and Mobile Age

I first heard about Andrea Weckerle and her new book Civility in the Digital Age on the Trafcom News Podcast with Donna Papacosta. This has been an incredibly historic and tragic last couple of weeks. I will always remember what happened yesterday in Boston. In an effort to look at the Boston Marathon bombing from a higher level along with the tragic, sad and terrible specatcle, no one can deny the other tragic headlines.The death of Margaret Thatcher, North Korea threatening Nuclear War, the suicide death of Rehtaeh Parsons in Nova Scotia and Audrey Pott in Saratoga, California due to cyber-bullying, all these headlines amount to different things for different people, but on a human level it seems the world is getting more dire, doesn’t it?

I think we as a society need to start better understanding how to come to grips with the pervasiveness of social technology in our lives. I’ve previously written about how the criminal justice system can take a pragmatic approach to cyber bullying elsewhere. We can change the dial on the conversation about cyber-bullying, but keep it on the topic of social media behavior by bringing social media etiquette into the conversation. 

Here are some tweets about these ideas:

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