Rocking a new theme If you’ve been here…

Rocking a new theme

If you’ve been here before, you may notice things look a little different. I’ve made a change to the theme. I’m liking the digs.

I’m using the P2 theme, and changed from my previous theme Vintage Camera, for the following reason: I watched a great interview with Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress earlier today on TechCrunch’s YouTube channel.

Matt’s comments about the P2 theme, when asked about the tools Automattic uses to get work done over distances, through digital collaboration made me interested in seeing what he meant when he said that P2 “makes blogging easier”.

A Fresh UI with Flair

When you set up the theme, you notice an immediate difference. There’s a post field at the top of your most recent posts asking you ‘Whatcha up to?”. It’s very much like the Facebook status field at the top of pages, walls and timelines. It’s a radical departure from posting from the dashboard and what and users might expect from more themes in the future.

When you’re logged in, why not post right from the front-end?

The simple fact of the matter is, the kind of functionality in this theme makes it stand out immediately from other themes. Add to that fine grain control on background art, typography and colours. Sweet.

Putting the typekit fonts you’ve chosen for your theme in the visual editor, so you can see them as you is pretty nice. It gives the theme flair.

Automattic’s P2 theme gets high marks

Kudos to the designers of the P2 theme, social platforms go to great efforts to make the experience of posting content this convenient and compelling.

Here’s the interview with Matt Mullenweg at SXSW from TechCrunch :


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