How Many People Will Own 3D Printers?

Avi Lambert:

This is a conversation about technology, culture and community writ large. 3rd printing is not ubiquitous yet. Read the article, or skip to the great comments.

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Getting to One Million Sold

A sign of the growing business interest in 3D Printers is that I had three conversations this week with venture capitalists who are trying to figure out this market. (Word is that MakerBot is out raising a new round of financing, after having raised $10M in 2011.)

How big will 3D printing become? How many will be sold? How long will it take before there are 1M households with 3D printers. I remember asking a large audience how many owned a 3D printer? Only a very few hands went up. When I asked how many wished they owned a 3D printer, nearly everyone in the room raised their hand. If the demand is that high, what are the factors that drive 3D printing into the homes of more and more people?

Today demand is outpacing supply, judging from the long delays in fulfillment on 3D…

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