With Lucky Sort creators on board, Twitter is officially a data company

Avi Lambert:

A very interesting development – Twitter already has promoted tweets. This post from GigaOM digs more deeply into the way that the semantic nature of twitter – hashtags being the most prominent asset – underlies Twitter’s business model.

Originally posted on Gigaom:

We all kind of knew that Twitter’s path to making money was paved with data, and the announcement on Monday that it’s buying analytics startup Lucky Sort makes it official. Unless I’m totally misreading the writing on the wall, this move is all about giving advertisers — and anyone, in theory — the tools to learn about what people are talking about.

Word that Lucky Sort is shutting down and that several of its team are joining Twitter’s revenue engineering department suggests this is exactly what the acquisition aims to accomplish.

As it stands, companies use Twitter as a way to track how people are talking about them and maybe, if they’re really advanced, do some sentiment analysis. If they’re willing to pay a third party, Datasift and Gnip are more than happy to broaden marketers’ views to encompass the entirety of Twitter’s data, both real-time and historical. What…

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